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Durable Lawn Equipment Racks for Trailers

When you're in need of more storage space in your open or enclosed trailers, installing trailer racks for lawn equipment is a great space-saving choice. These equipment racks are a good option for lawn care professionals because they give you a quick and easy way to stay organized, have a place for everything, and keep your tools and equipment safe.

Benefits of Using Specialized Lawn Equipment Racks

When you have a lot of lawns to mow, it is important to keep your tools safe and organized on the way and in between mowing jobs. An open trailer or enclosed trailer trimmer rack secures lawn mower accessories and other lawn care products and accessories so they don't fall or get lost or stolen.

These racks mount on the walls, so you can make better use of your trailer’s floor space. You can fit more tools in your trailer and protect your equipment investment.

Types of Racks Available

We offer sprayer racks that work with hand tools and backpack blowers. You may also want a rack for a hedge trimmer, your extension cords, and other lawn care tools and accessories. Our water cooler racks allow you to securely hold a large cooler of cold water for staying hydrated while you work.

We have many different rack styles to accommodate a wide variety of lawn equipment and tools, so shop with us today and get organized!

  • Tg3500a
  • Tg3500

Equipment Guard 3 Trimmer Rack Vinyl Coated for Enclosed Trailers


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Equipment Guard TG3500 Trailer Rack. Keep your equipment safe and organized with the TG3500. Heavy-duty construction and the thick vinyl coating protect your stuff. This rack mounts to the wall of your truck or trailer. Hardware included. 2 pieces

SKU: TG3500


  • Securely holds 3 line trimmers, brush cutters, edgers, shaft edge clippers, or pole saws
  • Adjustable 2" wide slots accommodate wide shaft items
  • Heavy-duty black vinyl coating better protects your equipment
  • Mounts to inside of trailer wall


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July 10, 2017
Reviewed 7/2/2017

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