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Innovative Commercial Walk-Behind Mowers

Whether you operate a landscaping business or you have a large property that needs to be mowed, commercial lawn mowers and other power equipment make the job go much easier. This heavy-duty equipment delivers a professional result. The mowing gets done in less time, and you never have to sacrifice the quality of your results.

Bigger Is Better

When it comes to mowing a large property, a big walk-behind lawn mower is better. A bigger deck means more efficiency and a shorter time to job completion. While a standard residential lawn mower offers an 18- to 24-inch deck size, commercial walk-behind lawnmowers offer deck sizes ranging from 32 to 54 inches. This means fewer passes with the mower and a job that requires less time to complete. Even though they have a wider deck, these are zero-radius turn mowers.

Easier to Handle

Commercial walk-behind mowers are easy to handle. They feature steering that allows you to navigate around a variety of obstacles, including water features, pathways, trees and curved flower bed edges. If you need to mow hilly terrain or a steep slope, these mowers offer stability and consistent cutting on the uneven surface. Narrow footprints mean these mowers are easy to transport and store.

Increase Efficiency

A commercial walk-behind mower operates at a speed of up to six miles per hour. If you have a wide, open space to mow, this speed makes the process of mowing a large lawn a breeze. If you have a lot of lawns to mow, you will finish each job quickly without sacrificing the quality of your results. Their electric-start engines and easy maintenance requirements mean less downtime and more time getting your work done.

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Bradley 36" Hydro Walk-Behind Mower T Bar Briggs


(6 reviews)

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Increase your comfort and productivity with the Bradley 36" Walk-Behind Mower. Get commercial quality at a low price! This lawnmower has the same industry-standard components as the large name brands without the big price tag. Features: 23HP Briggs & Stratton Commercial Turf Series Electric Start Engine; Ultra-responsive zero-turn controls; heavy-duty fabricated steel frame; Hydro-Gear hydro drive system; the adjustable cutting height of 1 1/2-4"; 2-blade deck; 5-gallon fuel tank; 18" rear tires; 2-year commercial warranty: 3-year residential warranty.



(Based on 6 reviews)

June 19, 2018
I have a lawn care business and purchased this mower in May 2018. I have been extremely pleased. It is easy to operate, the construction and the quality of cut is awesome. I would definitely recommend this mower.

August 30, 2018
Very happy with my purchase. There did seem to be a break in period for the blades to properly disengage, but that worked itself out after a few uses. Other than that, you really can't top this machine for the price. Nice cut. Nice stripe. T-bar Hydro controls for less than the price of many other brands' belt drive machines with pistol grips. I hope this company can keep it up and I hope that next season they can come out with a true, 36" stander. Thanks Bradley Mowers! Can't say it enough. I'm happy with my purchase and I'm a fan of your company and machines. Keep up the good work!

April 17, 2019
Awesome and Very Powerful mower. Effortlessly go up and down on the hill. Very satisfied!

May 20, 2020
I've owned this mower since 2016 and it has been very reliable.

June 13, 2021
Couple years of commercial use so far. All in all a good mower. Has a better quality of cut than my gravely. I get nervous not have a metal plate protecting the transaxle but so far nothing bad has happened. If you aren't mowing rough stuff not having them isn't an issue. If you can keep the front down I almost think it would climb a vertical wall. It's my gate and hill side mower. It's a fixed deck mower which is what it is, floating deck with commercial transaxle would be nice. However it has the same basic components as most the name brand mowers for half the price. Great value.

October 11, 2021
I've had my Bradley 36 inch for 5 years and bought it slightly used. It has been my most dependable commercial mower. it gets through gates many commercial mowers can't and has the power to do tough jobs.

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