Are you just a dealer/middleman?

Absolutely not! Bradley Mower is a Havener Enterprises, Inc. company specializing in quality outdoor power equipment at half the cost. We hold numerous patents on our products.

Bradley Mowers? Are you the same company as the David Bradley Manufacturing Company?

David Bradley was a pioneer in the outdoor power equipment industry. Sears, Roebuck and Co. later purchased the David Bradley Manufacturing Company. We are located in the Bradley, IL – the same town that was named for David Bradley. Bradley Mowers was branded out of respect for our local town.

I tried to purchase a mower from you. Why won’t you ship to my state?

Depending on the location, we sell through our sales partners and dealer network. We do not ship mowers to Indiana, Wisconsin, and Northern Illinois through our website. Please call 815.935.8383 opt. 3 for more details and a solution.

How do you sell at such low prices? There must be a catch.

We use the same (or better) industry standard engines, hydrostatic drives, batteries, tires, belts, pullies, clutches, and switches as the big name brands. We just do not have a huge markup or go overboard with "promotions." Every company that offers "0%" financing or "rebates" is charging you for that whether you take advantage of it or not. We like to keep it simple.