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Taking Municipal Lawn Jobs Like Hospitals and Nursing Care Facilities

Taking Municipal Lawn Jobs Like Hospitals and Nursing Care Facilities 

Beautiful landscaping is something that can be appreciated by just about anyone. A well-manicured lawn will immediately impact the opinion that a person has of a property because first impressions really matter. It sets expectations and creates perceptions about the quality of a property. People tend to believe that if the outside is maintained, the inside is also maintained. This is especially true for municipal lawns like hospitals and nursing care facilities where a lot of time is spent, sometimes under very difficult circumstances.

 If you take a lawn maintenance job to work on a municipal property like a hospital or nursing care facility, your lawn maintenance techniques have the potential to positively impact the lives of many residents. This can be true whether the resident has a short-term stay or a long-term stay. Studies have shown that the recovery of patients who were able to view nature from a window was better than that of patients who could only view a wall. Nature has a way of reducing stress, even when it can only be observed from a distance.

 Taking a job providing lawn care for a municipal property will give you a chance to make a difference in ways that you may not have considered. When it comes to hospitals and nursing care facilities, part of the mission is often to maximize each resident’s quality of life. By all measures, your ability to cultivate an attractive lawn will help to achieve this goal. A beautifully landscaped lawn can bring joy and happiness to residents, as well as those who visit the premises. It can increase their overall satisfaction with the facility in the following ways:

       Creating a better quality of life by spending time in beautiful surroundings.

       Improving mental and physical health as a result of viewing nature.

       Making it more enjoyable to spend time with family and friends.

       Offering a place of shade when temperatures rise.

 From a technical standpoint, lawn maintenance may involve mowing grass, blowing leaves, removing debris, trimming trees, weeding, fertilizing, edging and many other important daily tasks. It also requires your ability to safely operate a range of maintenance equipment. However, within each function is a tremendous opportunity to showcase your individual talents and abilities. Whether it’s adjusting the mower to the correct height or ensuring the proper amount of watering, the right yard maintenance technique can increase the aesthetic value of a property and enhance the lives of many.


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Seasonal Hints For Lawn Care Professionals

Each turf requires a unique seasonal approach, and as a lawn care professional you should always be prepared for seasonal changes. Knowing what you need to do, when you need to do it, and how much you need to charge are foundational steps to make sure your business is a success.

If you are able to articulate the importance of a service, your customer will be happy to pay you. If they know why you are aerating and the benefit that aeration will provide their lawn, their confidence in you as an expert will increase and you will gain trust from the client. Making the next seasonal service a breeze to sell.


With a confident understanding of how the grass grows and what makes a lawn happy, you'll earn a reputation as a true lawn care genius. A good way to gain this level of confidence is by becoming an expert by paying close attention and keeping track of what you see.


 The Lawn Journal

In general, record keeping is one of the largest pitfalls for lawn care professionals. By not keeping consistent records, you'll be feeding a sleeping giant that will keep on growing until it comes out of nowhere to bite you.


It's one of those things that isn't hard but gets pushed aside when there's work to do. Just recognizing that it's a part of the job, and not something separate will enable you can get it done.


You'll need a simple and consistent system. I like a good old-fashioned spreadsheet.  Here's an example of some things you could include:


Date : 07/01/2020

Weather : 80deg - 90deg, AM heavy rain, PM sun



Address : 123 Street Lane Ave. Citytownville, NC 12345

Client : Mr. Misterson

Service : mow, trim, rose pruning

Charge : $100

Event : yellow jacket ground nest, front yard, Miguel stung 3 times.

Notes : client very happy, lawn looks good, spring weed and seed effective,

mole and vole treatment effective

That is by no means the only way to do it. But it is a way. And it only takes a couple minutes. Just make sure you pick one way and stick to it. Otherwise, you'll wind up with a couple post-its in the glove-box, something scribbled on the back of a receipt sitting underneath a half-full Mountain Dew bottle in the passenger seat of your truck, and a couple notes in your phone, another note in your front pocket, etc...By the time that happens, things have officially gotten out of control.


With patience and consistency, you will find that keeping a lawn journal will make you more prepared and increase your knowledge as time marches forward. By tracking smaller details, you will soon have a treasure trove of information that will set you apart from the competition and give you a unique insight into the minute details of seasonal changes that will impress your clients and increase your status as a true lawn care expert.