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Does Property Size Influence Types of Lawn Care Service Chosen?

Since time immemorial, lawn care has been part and parcel of the housekeeping of a society. Before the lawn mower was invented, livestock did the mowing. Therefore, the art of keeping your landscape clean, healthy and attractive should be obligatory.


Merits of Lawn Care


Among much significance, the notable importance of lawn care includes:

• It contributes to the aesthetic of your neighborhood

• It improves emotions and moods

• It prevents runoff soil erosion

• Provides a safe place for family picnics and sports

• It gives the soil more aeration and gives it room for growth

• It will increase property value and marketability


Anyone with a home or property is eligible to take advantage of lawn care benefits. Whether its a million dollar home, residential community or just a cabin, an office tower or a shop by the road, lawn care is equally important.


Types of Lawn Care Services


Lawn care involves so much more than mowing and hedging. It is inclusive of;

• Weed pulling and fertilizing

• Irrigation system maintenance

• Planting and reseeding

• Flowerbed maintenance

• Lawn aeration and de-thatching

• Clean up and hauling


Different Techniques for Different Types of Lawns


Depending on the type of lawn care you need, a company will use different techniques and forms of service. How the property is structured and built is also essential in identifying the correct lawn care plan to satisfy your needs.


More often than not, the company will tailor a lawn care plan for you. This will ensure that they take the process step by step until the client is satisfied.


When it comes to Size and Cost


Lawn care service is vital to all property owners. However, its service will vary depending on the size of the property and how often it has been maintained. Large properties require intense and longer periods of service, unlike small sized property which only needs a few days.


Most lawn care companies use Google maps to determine the square footage of your lawn and charge you according to the size measured. The cost of lawn care in large property is also a bit dearer than that of a small property. According to statistics, the current average lawn care prices range from $30 to $80 per visit. Normally, they will charge a flat rate for mowing and additional payment for extra services.


The truth is that a lawn care company will do what is necessary to ensure you are content and happy with your lawn. Therefore, no matter the size of your property, different lawn care services will be employed depending on the work that needs to be done.


Whether you will do it on your own or hire a company, the yard, garden, estate, park or institutional setting need to be kept safe and attractive.

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The Cost-Effectiveness of Professional Lawn Care Services

Whether you've just moved into a new space or are reevaluating previous decisions you made about the property, you are now thinking about lawn care services. You might have decided to definitely tackle the work yourself for the purpose of saving money. However, when you really consider the situation and take into account a few factors, you can understand why it is better to hire professional services to save you on funds.


Saving on Equipment

If you decide to take care of the lawn yourself, you are then going to need to purchase equipment. Going to the store and picking out the cheapest tools might save you on money, but this strategy isn't necessarily going to get you the best lawn. These tools might break after just a few times of use. Then, you will need to spend even more money to replace them. When you make the decision to hire lawn care service professionals, you don't have to purchase any of these pieces of equipment.


Avoiding Mistakes

Perhaps you've purchased the most expensive equipment, and you're set on dedicating yourself to lawn maintenance. However, even the best tools can't help if you aren't sure of how to properly take care of the lawn. By attempting to tackle the maintenance yourself, you might just make mistakes that cost you in the end. For example, you will have already paid to purchase the equipment and put in the time to care for the lawn. On top of these expenses, you will also now need to pay professionals to fix the mistakes that you've made and get the lawn into good condition.


Establishing a Contract

If you call a lawn maintenance company only once in awhile to fix mistakes that you've made while trying to care for the property yourself, you might then find that the prices are higher than if you had just entered into a contract. Lawn care teams may offer yearly contracts through which you can obtain certain services for a fixed price. When you are concerned about your budget, having an agreed-upon monthly rate can calm some or all of these worries.


Finding the Right Plan

As you're considering hiring professionals, you might think that all lawn care services are the same. You may envision that all of them are out of your budget, but this train of thought only deters you from options that can work well for you. Lawn care teams can work for you to determine exactly what it is that you need. For example, when you're trying to care for the lawn yourself, you might think that you need certain services or treatments that are actually not required for your lawn. Professionals can tell you what your lawn needs specifically and can design a plan that addresses those needs. You don't have to waste your money on services that don't benefit your specific lawn.


As you're going through the household budget, you might think that no room exists for landscaping services. However, hiring professionals can actually save you money.