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Ways to Spruce Up Your Lawn for Labor Day

Ways To Spruce Up Your Lawn For Labor Day
Labor Day is a great time to have a get-together such as a family reunion or a barbecue with your friends. Many individuals in the United States have a long holiday weekend for Labor Day, and they want to have one last summertime get-together before the weather gets colder. It is important to make your home’s lawns look fantastic for outdoor parties, and you can also spruce up a front lawn so that guests can find your property easily. Here are a few ways to make your home’s lawns look nicer for the Labor Day weekend festivities.

Spruce Up Your Lawn 1: Remove Debris From the Lawns

First, walk around your property to collect the debris from the grass or pathways. You may find soft drink cans or food containers that make your home’s lawns look a mess. In addition, pick up the branches that have fallen from trees, and use a broom to sweep a backyard deck or sidewalks.

Spruce Up Your Lawn 2: Mow the Grass On Your Lawns

Make sure to mow the grass on your home’s lawns the day before a family get-together. In addition, trim the grass along the driveway and porch. Collect the grass from your lawns so that it will look perfect for an outdoor barbecue or swimming pool party.

Spruce Up Your Lawn 3: Set Up a Huge Tent On Your Lawn

To give your guests a place to relax out of the hot sun on Labor Day, set up a huge tent on your lawn. You can rent specialized tents to set up on your own, or you can pay an extra fee to have the item installed. These types of tents have sides that you can roll up for ventilation, and in most cases, the tents have clear plastic windows to add natural lighting to the space.

Spruce Up Your Lawn 4: Rent Tables and Chairs For a Labor Day Event

Give your guests plenty of places to sit on Labor Day by renting portable tables and chairs. You can place chairs and tables on your home’s lawns or inside a tent so that everyone has a place to relax while eating a meal.

Spruce Up Your Lawn 5: Decorate With Patriotic Colors

If you kept your special decorations from Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, then you can reuse the items for Labor Day. Some of the decorations that you might have will include streamers in blue, white and red or colorful balloons. When you have tables on your home’s lawns or deck, make sure to use patriotic-looking tablecloths and tableware.

Spruce Up Your Lawn 6: Use Flowers To Beautify Your Lawns

You can still find gorgeous flowers to use as decorations over the Labor Day weekend. Place potted flowers on your home’s deck, or you can visit a gardening store to find chrysanthemums, phlox or asters to plant along the pathways and around trees on your home’s lawns instead.

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3 Common Lawn Mower Problems (and how to fix them)

We've all been there. You pull the starter rope and your mower won't start. You get it started only for it to die out halfway through mowing. Sometimes it may even start smoking, putting a real wrench in your lawn mowing routine.

Instead of relying on a repair shop or waiting for a friend to make their way to your house, it's a good idea to have some general knowledge about how to fix simple problems. Below we're going to take a look at the 3 most common lawn mower problems people experience and discuss possible solutions.

My Lawn Mower Won't Start

This is probably the most common issue that people experience. Although it may seem obvious, the first thing you want to do is check to see if it's out of gas. When the mower won't start it's best to begin your checklist with the simplest of problems and work your way up through the more difficult reasons.

If your lawn mower isn't starting for the first mowing of the year, it may be due to old gas that was left in the mower. If you didn't drain the gas out of the mower before storing it for winter, now is a good time to get rid of that stale gas and put some new in.

If the gas is fine it's time to check the spark plug. The cap that goes over the spark plug may just be disconnected. Make sure it's secure. Clean off any loose, dirty debris and reconnect the spark plug. Check to see if the air filter is dirty. If so it may be time to replace it. Lastly, if all the previously mentioned things checked out, the problem of your mower not starting may be a restriction in the flow of gas. By tapping on the carburetor you may be able to knock any debris blocking the flow loose. If that doesn't work it's time to change the fuel filter.

My Mower Quit In The Middle Of My Lawn

This situation is a pain. Your mower stops halfway through your lawn and there's no choice but to fix it that day to finish up. If the engine slowly stalls out it's most likely out of fuel. Just as above, this should be your first step in the list of possible reasons why your mower died.

If your motor was changing from a high idle to low idle before it died the grass maybe too tall or the mower may be clogged up. Flip your lawn mower over and see if there is a build-up of grass clippings that is making it too difficult for the blade to spin. If you have the blade set at a very low level or you're grass is taller than what you normally mow, it's likely your mower is just trying to keep up with the extra cutting. Adjust the blade height higher so your mower is doing less cutting.

If your height is okay and there isn't any build-up it may be components of the motor that is creating the problem. Check for stale gas, a dirty air filter, the engine oil level and clean your spark plug.

Help! My Mower Is Smoking

Although this may come off as overly scaring as you're mowing, smoke can happen for a variety of little reasons that you can correct yourself. If you just topped off your oil or had the mower on its side, it's very likely that some excess oil is just burning off of the mower. The smoking will stop within a few minutes.

Be sure to flip the mower over and check to see if there is a build-up of debris underneath the deck. It's possible the motor is just overheating from trying to spin a restricted blade. Next clean and reconnect the spark plug. If none of these work you should contact a professional.