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Bradley 36BDE Belt Drive E-Clutch Walk-Behind Mower Briggs


(2 reviews)

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Increase your comfort and productivity with the Bradley 36" Belt Drive E-Clutch Walk-Behind Mower. Get commercial quality at a low price! This lawnmower has the same industry-standard components as the large-name brands without the big price tag.


36BDE Specifications

  • Model: 31R9770105G1 Intek 17.50 (Electric-Start Engine)
  • Transmission(s): 5 forward & 1 reverse
  • Deck: 7 ga. steel
  • PTO: Ogura Electric Clutch
  • Fuel Tank: 5 Gallon tank with fuel gauge
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 5 gals.
  • Cutting Heights: 1 1/2"- 4"
  • Forward Speed: 0-7 mph
  • Tires - Front: 9 x 3.50 - 4 (4 ply) smooth
  • Tires - Rear: 13 x6.50 - 6 (4 ply) turf
  • Width (chute down): 48"
  • Width (chute up): 37"
  • Blades: 2 X 18" high lift
  • Blade Speed: 18,315 FPM
  • Weight: 525 lbs.
  • Not CARB compliant/for sale in California
  • Can contact for optional purchases: sulkies, steel grass catchers, mulch kits
  • full parts support, dealer, and fleet options available at bradleymowers dot com
  • Please understand this mower ships in a dealer steel crate. Assembly of handlebars, linkages, fuel tank, front wheels, and other connections may be required.
  • 2-year commercial warranty;3-year residential warranty
  • For orders of two or more machines, additional shipping charges may apply. Please contact us before ordering to receive a shipping quote.


SKU: 36BDE-BS17.50


(Based on 2 reviews)

December 07, 2023
I have the previous version of the 36 inch belt drive which is 6 years old. I have had zero issues with it other than needing to replace the drive belt twice.

January 30, 2024
Purchase was easy- awaiting shipment was slow. I have owned this model since Sept 2022. Cuts really,really well. Mulch's maple and oak leaves in the fall like confetti. Steel bagger sucks up debris like a perfect vacuum! Perfect system with the mulching blades. My only problem- I walk it - Always stays in gear, but transmission does miss or skip a few times per hour which is more often than I like - as I usually jail poke a handlebar in to my gut. I cannot figure out why and have learned to accept it.

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