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Durable Lawn Mower Lifts and Jacks

Whether you own a lawn maintenance company or own a riding mower, maintaining the equipment is important. Lifting lawn mowers is a necessary part of routine maintenance. Use these tips to choose the best lift or jack for your zero-radius turn lawn mowers and other commercial-grade lawn mowers.

Lawn Mower Lifts and Jacks: What’s the Difference?

Lawn mower lifts are used for riding mowers. They lift the front end of the mower, allowing you to access the undercarriage and mower blades. A lawn mower jack lifts a walk-behind mower. They keep the mower steady and stable while you work on it. The purpose of using a lawn mower lift or jack is for maintaining or repairing the mower. Lifting the lawn mower allows you to remove and sharpen the blades, clean built-up debris from the undercarriage and clean the mower.

How Lawn Care Companies Benefit from High Lifts

Having your own lawn mower lift and jack allows you to do your own maintenance. Keeping up with regular maintenance extends the lifespan of your equipment. Maintenance also reduces malfunctions and lowers the need for repairs of your mowers.

Whatever type of mower you may have, using the right jack or lift for it helps you work on your mower safely and easily. Order today!

Bradley Mower Jack for Walk-Behind Mowers

Bradley Mower Jack for Walk-Behind Mowers


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DISCONTINUED - Parts still available. Easily lift your mower with the MJ2005 Bradley Mower Jack. Heavy-duty steel construction will last and last. This is designed for walk behind mowers and other mowers that have the engine directly over the drive tires.

SKU: MJ2005


  • Securely lifts your mower so you can change the blades and perform other maintenance
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Large pneumatic tires
  • Heavy-duty black powder coating
  • Designed for Walk-Behind Mowers


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