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Bradley 48SC-BS26 Stand-On Compact Mower Vanguard


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Increase your comfort and productivity with the Bradley 48" Stand-On mower. Get commercial quality at a low price! This lawnmower has the same industry-standard components as the other name brands without the big price tag. Features: 26HP Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Engine with Donaldson Air Filter; Ultra-responsive zero-turn controls; heavy-duty fabricated steel frame with floating deck; Hydro-Gear ZT3400 hydro drive system; the adjustable cutting height of 1 1/2" to 4 1/4"; 3-blade deck; 5-gallon fuel tank; 23" rear tires; 13" front tires. 2-year commercial warranty: 3-year residential warranty. 923 lbs.

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(Based on 19 reviews)

July 11, 2017
I cannot write a review as you no longer sell my exact model mower. It is now 3 years old. Having said that, I love it. 5 stars.

May 22, 2018
I will begin my five star review with the buying process. I spoke with Shannon at the company and explained my mowing needs to her. When I posed a question or two that she could not answer with absolute certainty, she got the answers from her technical staff. I was not originally looking at this model but she and the technical staff assured me I needed this machine and I would love it. They were correct!
It shipped to my door in under a week and is it ever a beautiful machine. I did not have the instructions for uncrating the mower so I contacted Shannon again. She immediately e-mailed the illustrated instructions and the uncrating adventure began. In addition to some metric sockets and wrenches to disassemble the crate, I found a cordless Milwaukee Sawzall to be invaluable. After I cut away some of the lower crate assembly (steel square tubing) and removed all of the upper shipping tubing, I was ready for gas and oil and hooking up the included battery. I hit the starter twice (once to prime the fuel system) and the mower came to life. I ran it for a couple minutes on low speed and checked for leaks or odd noises. Everything checked out perfectly. Okay, time to try out my new mower. I started cutting grass that was 7-8" high with the deck set on 3.5" and that was effortless, even running wide open throttle. The cut is beautiful! I tried the mower out on some slopes I have and the mower felt totally surefooted on approximately a 20 degree slope mowing back and forth. The mower did an awesome job. I have some steeper slopes (on the dam side of a pond) with which to contend and I will ease my way into them with the Bradley. While operating the mower, I made some observations. The mower is quieter than I thought it would be. The mower has great traction. The steering is very sensitive compared to a home owner zero turn that I have. After mowing about a half acre with the new mower, I am getting pretty used to the steering. I only have three acres to go. The mower does not come with an hour meter but I think I will add one. It's a great tool for planning maintenance.
In summary, my review is based on first impressions since I just got the mower today. The mower is a beast and quite agile. I am impressed with the customer service of the company and with the quality of the mower. Everything is heavy duty. I have a neighbor who wants one after seeing me mow with mine. If he springs for one, I can help him uncrate it since I now have the experience.

May 27, 2018
Great value. I have been running my compact stand on 48 for almost a year commercially and love it. Well built and easy to operate, great value for the money.

May 30, 2018
i own a 48 inch stander and just bought the 36inch stander blade belt broke made a phone call 2 days later parts were at my door free of charge great local company with a great staff

June 05, 2018
Purchased my compact 48 from Bradley Mowers in Bradley IL. The dealer there is fantastic very helpful and made sure I knew all the functions of the mower before I took it home. Let me start out by saying this machine is a beast! If you want a quality cut at a fast pace this is the machine for you! The overall build of the mower is one of the best I have seen. Heavy duty steel, bolts, wheels everything is very well built. Even the paint job is good. Very high quality at a very fare price. The stability of the machine is very good on slopes, it weighs a fair bit so it stays put, even in damp grass. One thing I can say "I wish" was better is that the controls are a little low. I'm average height 5'-11" and they are a bit low for me. Other than that I have no complaints. I highly recommend this machine for anyone wanting to cut down on there yard time. I'm not a commercial mower but this defiantly has the quality that can withstand daily use.

July 30, 2018
It surprises me to see that there are only five reviews of the 48" Bradley Stand-On as of today; what does not surprise me is that they are all five stars! Come to think of it, what really surprises me is that I don't see Bradley mowers everywhere I look; that tells me that a lot of people just didn't do their homework before buying their mower-- if they had, we'd see a LOT more of these red beauties at work! Other reviewers have mentioned the quality of construction that is so evident in these machines... I mean, they are built like an army tank, no joke. The aspect I want to mention is Bradley's ease of operation. The controls are well-placed and straightforward, so the learning curve is a breeze. Even more important to me as an arthritis sufferer is the Bradley's smooth ride, courtesy of those big tires and the shock-absorbing operator platform which allows the legs to cushion most of the jolts which are imparted to the operator's spine on any sit-down mower. Lastly, how about that price? Check out comparable mowers like the Ferris and Bobcat stand-ons (I said comparable, not better) and you'll find that while they'll cost a lot more than the Bradley, you won't necessarily be buying more. I'm glad I purchased mine!

September 07, 2018
I bought my Mower back in July and have used it several times in many different grass conditions and it has handled it like a boss! Customer Support has been A+ , I drove 540 miles one way to pick it up in Illinois and the dealer there was awesome! Answered any questions i had! I would love to see a forums added to Bradley's website!

April 09, 2019
I looked at a lot of stand on mowers. And I ended up choosing the Bradley 48 inch stand on mower with the Vanguard. I have had the Bradley now for five months. It has been running like it supposed to the hydros are strong. I can use this mower hills . The zero turn I hadbefore cannot hold the hills like this one does. I have a grass gobbler and it does attached directly to the Bradley with no extra hardware. I would recommend buying a Bradley

April 25, 2019
Built like a tank. This machine gets the job done. Impressive power. I had some hill work today and this mower took care of it.

May 29, 2019
I bought this mower. I LOVE this mower! Am already thinking of getting the 36" to go along with it!

October 10, 2019
I’m very pleased with my 36 stand on mower. I like how the whole body of the machine is. Is very solid really thick deck
I would say that the only thing that I wish the mower had solid front tires

March 15, 2021
i own a Bradley walk behind, which i have had for 6 years with zero issues, i have replaced belts only. I maintain my equipment very well, and im very happy with it. I have been in the market for a new stand on, and i have done alot of research. I see some of these mowers out there going for $9k-$11k and i look at the engine, drive components etc, and i see virtually no difference in the things that really count. Im not interested in fancy, i want a solid machine that cuts grass, and doesnt set me back $10k. I have good basic mechanical skills, and so i will do all my own maintenance, so not having a dealer close to me is no big least not enough of an issue to pay $3000 more for a machine. I just called Bradley, and ordered a 48" stand on, and i plan on buying another 36" stand on this year from them. This mower seems to be a well kept secret for some reason, and maybe thats a good thing, because when these companies get big their overhead increases, and their machines become not worth the amount of money they ask for them....stay where you are Bradley!!

July 01, 2021
These are great, super-solid machines, and I only wish I’d gotten the 52” or 61” rather than my 48”. Basically the same but for the deck width and I have no gates to squeeze thru, so the wider decks would actually make it easier to get into nooks and crannies as it would project further sideways from the zt3400 transaxle’s rear wheels. The 24 hp Vanguard has tons of power, so the 26 hp should be plenty for the wider cut. Upright muffler ought to keep things cooler also.
With 40 hours on it now, I only have three complaints:
- I wish the controls were placed higher—or adjustable—as I am 6’3” and have to stoop somewhat when on standing platform
- The machine is 900 lbs and, compared to my old John Deere hydro walk-behind (about 550 lbs) will slide out of control on steep banks. But the construction and drive train are super heavy-duty and so I can’t complain too much there
- The front tires are tubeless and come off the rims easily. Bradley now offers a $150 flat-free tires option, but really ought to put tubes in the standard tires—I did that myself and the problem is solved.
Factory sales folks were easy to deal with and helpful. Shipped in good condition to my house by FedEx and setup was easy.
Overall, an excellent machine at a great price.

July 31, 2021
48 inch stand-0n…vanguard engine…hydro gear 3400 transaxles. 76 years old and still use 17 year old zero turn with vanguard engine ( sit-in). use both but stand-on is really a better ride as the bumps & dips are way better with the Bradley. legs get good workout which is good so can cut front with stand-on and sit-in on back. do all own maintenance on both and the old one’s got 1100 hours and bradley about 60 hours. did the transaxle fluid & filters maintenance recently on both . A challenge on the Bradley ( jack-up) rear end & remove rear tires & get under to do it. The old zero turn’s filter is under the seat & just add synthetic oil instead of drain & fill. An interesting happenstance is the old mower could run over 1/4 inch hog wire
placed on grass to keep german shepherds from digging for China…the Bradley sucked up the
wire and wrapped (tight) around one of the 3 blades & shutdown the mower. First thought I’d
ruined the beautiful Bradley. after close inspection I decided to remove the blade & see what
I’d done. all of the wire (1/4 “) just fell off with zero damage ! to say the Bradley is built like a
tank would be an understatement. hope the 17 year old mower keeps going ( old times sake )!
and I can still ride the stand-on for 10 more years 🤫

October 16, 2021
This is my first time on a zero-turn, let alone a stander mower. I bought this mower for personal use on my 2.6 acre property. I've got some crazy terrain, with slopes and uneven ground, and bouncing around mowing on my tractor was starting to take a toll on my back after all these years. Researching other mowing options led me to stand on mowers, and the price point and positive reviews on Youtube and elsewhere led me to Bradley here.
Well, I can report that I'm very happy with this mower! I saw a quality all over this product right away when I received it, both component wise and fit/finish. Well assembled, you could see they took their time to do it right. I was going to use my deck leveling gauge to level the need. The deck was already perfectly leveled side to side, has exactly a 1/8" tilt in front, and the mowing height matches the height indicator to 1/16" tolerance, wow. Somebody took their time getting that deck all squared up. I'm impressed by stuff like that, it speaks to how they approach quality control and pride in their product.
As for mowing with it, I got zero complaints to issue. It's fall right now, I got some leaves on the ground, rained the day before so the ground was still a bit wet, mower did great with all that. No stranders, no mohawks, powered through taller grass out back, did FANTASTIC on hills, and never got stuck way in the back by my pond where my garden tractor sometimes does. But with all that said, best this is, honestly it's a gamechanger comfort wise on uneven ground compared to sitting on the tractor! After 3 hours of mowing, I felt great. Platform is also very comfortable, hand controls just where they should be, it just all worked very well for me. Good job building this bad boy, Bradley!

October 13, 2022
This is my second Bradley mower. My first was a sulky mower that I still have 10 years later. I bought the stand on because I wanted something a little more intuitive and a little more speed in my mowing. I am tall and I do wish the mower controls were a bit higher, but it does not keep me from truly enjoying the mower. I help my neighbors around me and with the 36" I can go through gates to get to their yards. It is a great mower and the folks at Bradley have always been very helpful.

March 12, 2023
I started the 2023 season with the Bradley 48 inch Stander with Vanguard. So far it has been a game changer coming from a hydro walk - behind. It has lots of power, hold hills really well and is very responsive. I love its handling. It is very well balanced, climbs hills well, and rear tires do not tear up turf if you are smooth with the controls. I am currently running an X blade setup for Spring with Toro OEM standard lift blade on bottom and Oregon G3 mulching blade on top. The cut quality is great. The grass is pulverized, and it is expelled so well the deck doesn't build up. At the price point, it is a clear winner so far. I also have the Bradley 36 inch walk behind. I have used it for two seasons and added a Proslide XT sliding sulky this year. It cuts great and it stripes very well with the new sulky. Last tip, add a Grassflap. I use mine non-stop, it is a game changer. Thank-you to Brad and team for great service!

July 23, 2023
so far so good it is great on hills side to side great on controls and saving time love the color of it !! lol getting out the crate ... make sure to grab ur sawzall saw with a metal blade LOL O It Was A Pain But Now Its Awesome Mower So Far !!! Buying The Bagger Now !!!

May 09, 2024
48 inch stand on. I am finally the guy that everyone looks at with envy. I really enjoy my new mower. This is my second season with it and I am pleased. It's fast and powerful, the only negatives is that you must be careful on the turns, the tire are pretty aggressive as with any zero turn and adding gas is a little wonky. I would buy again for sure.

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