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601-285 - New lean pad for 48/52/61SC


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New lean pad for 48/52/61SC


UV proof


SKU: 601-285


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Commercial Lawn Mower Features

Commercial lawn care is radically different from simple home maintenance. Homeowners mow the lawn and might spend a little time edging or weeding to finish the process, but professional lawn care specialists go above and beyond for their clients. This is where commercial lawn mower attachments and additional equipment come into play.

Must-Have Attachments for Commercial Lawn Mowers

The lawn mower itself offers a platform for expansion and increased utility. Rather than traveling with a bulky rig, professional lawn care specialists can utilize commercial mower attachments that supplement the lawnmower itself.

Bagging System

The first commercial mower attachment you'll need is a bagging system. Instead of dumping grass clippings all across the yard or on sidewalks and roadways, a bagging system collects this byproduct. With a bagging apparatus in place, you'll be able to cut down on the cleanup time required after the mowing is complete.

Mulch Kit

Mulching is the opposite of clipping collection. Instead of removing grass clippings from the landscape, a mulching kit allows you to finely shred cut grass in order to add nutrients back to the soil. Because many homeowners prefer this method, a mulching kit is essential.

Snow Business

Lastly, snow-blowing attachments can keep your landscaping service relevant even when the lawn doesn't need to be mowed during the dead of winter. Many commercial lawn mowers can utilize snow attachments so you can work year-round.

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