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Bradley 48WT Hydro Walk-Behind Mower T Bar Briggs


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Increase your comfort and productivity with the Bradley 48" Walk-Behind Mower. Get commercial quality at a low price! This lawnmower has the same industry-standard components as the large name brands without the big price tag. Features: 25HP Briggs & Stratton Commercial Turf Series Electric Start Engine; Ultra-responsive zero-turn controls; heavy-duty fabricated steel frame; Hydro-Gear hydro drive system; the adjustable cutting height of 1 1/2-4"; 3-blade deck; 5-gallon fuel tank; 18" rear tires; 2-year commercial warranty: 3-year residential warranty. 591 LBS.

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  • 48" Width Cutting Deck
  • 25HP Briggs & Stratton Commercial Turf Series Electric Start Engine
  • Ultra-responsive zero-turn controls
  • heavy-duty fabricated steel frame with 7 gauge steel deck
  • Hydro-Gear hydro drive system
  • 3-blade deck
  • 5 gallon fuel tank
  • 18" rear tires
  • Optional Steel Grass Catcher
  • Optional Mulch Kit
  • Optional Flat Free Front Tires
  • Optional Sulky Attachments


(Based on 9 reviews)

June 02, 2017
I have purchased with the wheels attachment it is a great walk behind It is very powerful give the great co it is very powerful gives a great cut I stop everyone in Charlotte North Carolina that I see that has a commercial lawnmower and let them know there's a Better Way and a better price and quality at the same time

July 04, 2017
This mower is unstoppable! Cuts anything you can throw at it! The quality of machine at this price seems too good to be true. I waited 2 years to write this review. Mower has 700 hours on it now with absolutely ZERO breakdowns. This mower goes through tall grass , wet grass , whatever you throw at it. It's also very comfortable to operate. Couldn't ask for more out of a mower!

April 11, 2018
Mower is a beast! Just bought the lawn mower 2 weeks ago and more than satisfied! Highly recommend. Great quality and performance.
From New York!

August 16, 2018
Had this mower now for 2 seasons and I am completely stratified with it, The only issue I had was the deck belt kept slipping off drive, discovered the belt guide must have bent after hitting something while cutting, I straightened it and solved the problem. Great mower for the price.

March 25, 2019
I have not yet purchased this product, but they have unbeatable customer service,NO ONE COMPARES TO THIS SITES CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! not john deere,not Toro NOBODY!!!
also, that price is awesome, most of the mowers have engines with double the power of of other mowers, at HALF THE COST,all i could ever want for a lawn mower.

May 03, 2019
I do not know how they sell these mowers at this price. Delivered to my door and it was easy to get it uncrated and cutting. If you are expecting a wood framed mower on a pallet, no it comes encased in a steel frame cage which is easy to take apart. I have owned three 48" old Lesco hydro walk behinds with the old pistol grips so I have a learning curve with the T handle. I also have a 52" Ferris zero turn but this mower has more power. Deck is extremely beefy just like the old Lesco's but does not have all of the weight and crap of the new John Deer which had their's on sale for 6K$. This is very simple which I like. The blade speed is extremely fast. I still prefer the pistol grips but just have to retrain myself. Will most likely buy their one arm sulky and this would have no problem pulling it. Great mower - you better buy it before they realize it is under priced. Great service on the sale and delivery and answering my many questions.

March 06, 2020
purchased the 48 inch hydro last season....cant go wrong with a 25hp...electric start...hydro...excellent will be very happy with it.. !!

December 28, 2022
Had this mower for 5 years and it has been fantastic with no issues, I still can't believe the price . saved thousands over eXmark , Thank you

June 08, 2023
Money well spent. Its a powerful beast that cuts GREAT! Should have bought this years ago. What a deal.

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Bigger Is Better

When it comes to mowing a large property, a big walk-behind lawn mower is better. A bigger deck means more efficiency and a shorter time to job completion. While a standard residential lawn mower offers an 18- to 24-inch deck size, commercial walk-behind lawnmowers offer deck sizes ranging from 32 to 54 inches. This means fewer passes with the mower and a job that requires less time to complete. Even though they have a wider deck, these are zero-radius turn mowers.

Easier to Handle

Commercial walk-behind mowers are easy to handle. They feature steering that allows you to navigate around a variety of obstacles, including water features, pathways, trees and curved flower bed edges. If you need to mow hilly terrain or a steep slope, these mowers offer stability and consistent cutting on the uneven surface. Narrow footprints mean these mowers are easy to transport and store.

Increase Efficiency

A commercial walk-behind mower operates at a speed of up to six miles per hour. If you have a wide, open space to mow, this speed makes the process of mowing a large lawn a breeze. If you have a lot of lawns to mow, you will finish each job quickly without sacrificing the quality of your results. Their electric-start engines and easy maintenance requirements mean less downtime and more time getting your work done.

What Is the Difference Between Commercial and Residential Mowers?

Durability is the main difference when comparing residential and commercial lawn mowers. Commercial lawn mowers are ideal for large lawns ranging from two to five acres. On the other hand, residential lawn mowers are more useful for small yards.

The quality and type of a lawn mower also differ between the two categories. Commercial lawn mowers are made with more expensive, high-quality materials, making them last longer than residential mowers. Residential mowers can also last a while but they just might need more frequent maintenance.

Another key difference is the operation speed. The blade speed in commercial walk-behind mowers is higher than at-home lawn mowers. Commercial mowers cut grass at a peak speed, which reduces clumping and increases productivity. Also, these commercial units save time and can complete a bigger lawn more quickly.

Engine types are another key difference between the two types of mowers. Commercial mowers have a bigger engine than residential mowers. This makes commercial models more reliable for use without you worrying about needing to fix anything.

The price difference is a larger margin separating the two. Commercial mowers run in the thousands whereas residential mowers cost hundreds of dollars. This is because of several factors like the size of the decks, durability, engine type, and other features.

What Are the Best Applications for Commercial Walk-Behind Mowers?

Commercial machines are investments in keeping lawns tidy. They are ideal for maintaining bigger properties. But commercial walk-behind mowers can also come in handy for homeowners with many residential properties.