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Commercial Lawn Mowing Calculator

When it comes to making a good impression on potential commercial customers, you can stand out with our mowers. With our mowers, you can complete the largest commercial square footage in the quickest time possible without compromising the quality. We specialize in accuracy through our mowing calculator and our expertise for various types of mowers, types of lawns, and lawn sizes.

Factors That Determine How Long It Takes to Mow a Lawn

There are various factors that determine how long it takes to mow a lawn, and they include the following:

  • Lawn size: The size of your lawn affects how long it'll take you to mow your lawn.
  • Mower size: How big your mower is can affect how quickly it can get across the lawn.
  • The type of lawnmower: The average, common lawn mower speed is 3 mph for a push mower, 3–5 mph for a lawn tractor, and 7–13 mph for a commercial stand-on mower.
  • Your speed in mowing: Some clients may not consider this factor so much, but it is important for them to consider it. In addition to the type of mower used, the mower size, and the lawn size, they must consider whether they are working with more experienced and faster workers, less experienced and slower workers, or a combination.
  • Lawn conditions: There are various conditions that may slow down your mowing. These could be various obstacles, such as hills, curves, walls, trees, overgrown lawn patches, muddy areas, and other obstacles.

Average Mowing Times of Different Mowers

This is especially important when the client has several jobs to do for that day or even the week. The following includes the average mowing time of the following lawnmowers:

  • 22-inch push mower: 1 hour & 39 minutes
  • 30-inch push mower: 1 hour & 13 minutes
  • 38-inch lawn tractor: 34–57 minutes
  • 42-inch lawn tractor: 31–52 minutes
  • 42-inch stand-on: 19–26 minutes
  • 46-inch lawn tractor: 28–47 minutes
  • 46-inch zero-turn: 17–23 minutes
  • 54-inch lawn tractor: 24–40 minutes
  • 54-inch stand-on: 15–20 minutes
  • 66-inch stand-on: 10–12 minutes
  • 72-inch stand-on: 9–11 minutes

The Right Mower for the Project

The right mower for the project makes a huge difference. There is a mower that is perfect for the small lawns as well as one that is perfect for medium lawns and still another that is perfect for big lawns. Whether there are obstacles can also affect which type of mower you need. The right mower for the job will make your tasks much more efficient and easier. The following are some of the types of lawnmowers available:

  • Push mowers: Push mowers are great for those who want to obtain some physical activity and for small lawns.
  • Walk-behind mowers: When it comes to these mowers, you can get physical activity from pushing and guiding the walk-behind mowers and due to it being heavy-duty equipment. This mower can also finish the job in less time.
  • Stand-on mowers: Commercial stand-on mowers are not only efficient, but they’re easier on the body too! Plus, it gives you the flexibility to duck under low-hanging tree branches or easily jump off when hitting debris. When it comes to power, convenience, and accuracy, the commercial zero-turn mower is the way to go. This is especially true when it comes to the ability to proficiently and quickly cut tight spots and huge open lawns. This equipment has dual-hydrostatic transmissions that two levers control. These features enable its capability with a tight-turning radius and responsiveness. Furthermore, you will save a lot of time in routine lawn care for lawns that are at least 1/2 an acre and have bushes, trees, and flower beds. This mower does not, however, operate so well over the uneven ground due to its rear-wheel-drive.